What are Subdomains and How to Benefit from them?

Auto Blog SumuraiI rarely see tutorials about subdomains and why you should create them. A subdomain is a domain that is part of a main domain. It allows you to divide your website content into multiple sections by adding a prefix to the main domain name. Here’s and example of what a subdomain looks like, subdomain.maindomain.com.

Subdomains are just as important as domains and can be very profitable when used properly. They work well with blog sites, as well as static websites. With so many websites on the Internet, it’s hard to pick a domain name that’s unique and still available. However, you can chose a domain name that can be used to add several subdomains in different niches.

Let me give you an example. Suppose your niche is herbal products and you registered the domain herbalcure.com. You can create the subdomain asthma.herbalcure.com to promote asthma products, or arthritis.herbalcure.com to promote arthritis treatment.

In order to create a subdomain, you must have a registered domain with a hosting company. Most web hosting companies allow you to have numerous subdomains at no extra charge. One of the most popular hosting companies that I recommend is Bluehost. Watch this short video below about domain names with Bluehost.

Click here to Register your Domain.

Creating subdomains allow website owners to maximize their earnings without spending extra money registering more domain names. Let me show you how I profit from subdomains. One of my domains is spylizard.com. I have several subdomains in the spy niche that are forwarded to my affiliate products. One of my affiliate products is a product call niche spy. So I created the subdomain niche.spylizard.com.

By creating this subdomain, it allows me to test this product and other niche spy products without incurring extra expenses from buying additional domains. Additionally, it allows me to delete this subdomain if I decide that it is not profitable. If this was a new registered domain, I would be stuck with it for a year unless I sell if before the expiration date.

Keep in mind that when you are at the point of selecting subdomains, you should have already fine-tuned your niche to specific topics and products. I highly suggest that you start off with one domain and one subdomain in the same niche. After you have those setup or forwarded to your affiliate links, begin marketing through social media, yahoo answer, post comments, youtube, and etc. When you begin seeing financial results, then you can register additional domains and create more subdomains in other niches that you are passionate about. Good luck!

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