Start out Simple. Don’t Break the Bank!

Dont-break-the-bankI know by now that you are excited about starting your blog. Your heart is beating fast. Your thoughts are running a mile per minute. You’ve already decided how you are going to furnish your new office space. Wait, don’t break the bank!

I speak with newbies all the time. All of them express excitement about their new blogging venture. Often times they are prepared to spend $100’s on new office furniture and equipment, even though they haven’t made their first dime. One gentleman told me that he was considering looking for office space to rent. Whenever I come across individuals like that, I tell them to keep it simple.

When people read your blog, they are more interested in the content than the kind of desk you have or the type of computer you use. It is absolutely pointless to spend money on furniture or equipment, at least in the beginning. To be honest, you do not have to own a computer. You only need access to one with an Internet connection.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing for years. If you saw how small my work area is, you would probably laugh. I only replace things that need replacing. Buying new furniture would be like wearing a new suit while I’m writing new blog posts. Nobody will see it unless I take a photo and post it. But who cares? People read my blogs because they find value in my content. Remember to keep it simple. Do not stress yourself out with things that do not matter. Wishing you much success!

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