How Many Words Should My Blog Post Contain?

Auto Blog SumuraiOne of the most challenging things about blogging is deciding the length of your blog post. A lot of times bloggers start writing blog posts and never post them because they believe the word count is too short. Most bloggers assume that the longer the post, the better the content. This is absolutely not true. They also tend to look at seasoned blog sites and compare them to their own blog. You shouldn’t try to make your blog content the same length as your competition. Instead, use the competition to see how you can add value that they didn’t provide.

Visitors come to your blog to get your perspective on a particular subject matter. They don’t want to read the same thing that they read on everybody else’s blog. It also doesn’t matter how many words are in your post. Believe it or not, most readers like short posts. Keep in mind that your visitors are extremely busy and you only have a few seconds to capture their attention. If you are fortunate enough to keep their attention, your content will determine whether or not they will return.

How often have you searched for something on the Internet and landed on a site with a small scroll bar on the right side of the page? The first thing you may have said was, “This page is too long, and I don’t have time to read all of this”. Sounds familiar? I have passed over hundreds of websites because I just didn’t have the time to read all the content. I’ve even bookmarked some sites with every intention of returning. Well we all know how that went. After months went by, and the time came to clean out some files on my PC, the bookmarks got deleted.

To make a long story short, focus on quality instead of quantity. If your blog post only has a hundred words, make those one hundred words count! Communicate as clearly as possible and stay on the subject. Not only will this increase your page ranking with the search engines, it will also keep your visitors returning. Since this blog post is about word count, and I want to practice what I’m teaching, I’ll end it here. Good luck!

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