Does Money Grow on Trees

Money-treeWe’ve all heard the old saying, “Money doesn’t grow on trees”. That’s absolutely true. However, experience has taught me that if you sow your good seeds of knowledge, hard work, and persistence, your money will actually begin to grow.

Let me explain more in detail. Your financial future is a direct result of the actions that you are taking right now. This holds true for any activity you do in life. A lot of times we forfeit what I call financial blessings because we do not take advantage of opportunities. Sometimes those opportunities do not come back around. Let me give you a personal experience of a missed opportunity.

In my bio I mentioned that I was an affiliate for VMC Satellite.  A few years ago, I missed a very big opportunity and missed a great amount of affiliate sales. As some of you may know, some of the cable networks were in dispute with a major satellite tv provider. During the dispute, some channels were pulled while the negotiations were settled. I missed the opportunity to promote my affiliate link, because VMC Satellite customers were not affected during negotiations. Although I make money with VMC, I regret the big opportunity that I let slip away.

I say all of that to say this, take advantage of golden opportunities that’s right in front of you. I wish I could turn back the hands of time. I would have done things differently. Hopefully my missed opportunity will serve as a wakeup call and steer you from procrastination.

You have a unique opportunity before you. If you haven’t started a blog yet, I urge you to do so. I regret waiting as long as I did before I started this blog. I’ve read so many blogs and watched hundreds of videos over the years. I finally convinced myself that I wanted a piece of the pie. Although it took me years before I started, it still wasn’t too late to start blogging.

I don’t know where you are financially in life. However, experience has proven to me that blogging can be financially rewarding. I would have never dreamed that I could write blogs, recommend products, and receive commissions when I make sales. Once you make your first sale, I guarantee you that you will not want to stop. If you haven’t registered your domain yet, I urge you to do it now. Click here to register.

UPDATE: Dish Network no longer participates in affiliate programs. It was fun while it lasted. :-(

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