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How to Market Your Blog

MarketingNow that you have your blog setup, let’s talk about some marketing strategies to generate traffic. The quickest way to generate traffic is through pay-per-click campaigns.

Pay-per-click is when you bid for certain keywords to have your ad shown in the sponsored section on the search engines such as Google and Yahoo. I really discourage this for new website owners. This type of advertising can get very expensive, especially if you do not understand how it works.

Pay-per-click requires running a series of test campaigns to see the effectiveness of your ROI. I highly recommend new website owners to use word-of-mouth, email marketing, NO SPAMMING, YouTube, social media, comment posts, free online classifieds, and writing articles. If you decide to use email marketing, I highly recommend Aweber. The top earning bloggers use Aweber for their email marketing, because of its versatility, dependability, and security. Sign up below and take a test drive.

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Along with using Aweber as your marketing strategy, remember to build your blog with rich and relevant content. I can not express this enough. This is the most crucial advice for new bloggers.

I have used pay-per-click campaigns in the past. I am a witness that it does not work as well in the long run. In essence, you are buying targeted visitors to come to your site. Notice the keyword is buying!

So what happens when you run out of funds to run pay-per-click campaigns? Now you see where I’m going? The ideal blog should engage visitors and provide value that keeps the audience coming back for more, which mean that you must post fresh content regularly. If you do these things, your visitors will be your biggest promotors.

Think about this for a moment. The last time you came across a blog that provided crucial advice, did you forward that blog to some of your friends? Did those friends forward that same blog to some of their friends? You bet they did. Why do you think the “Bookmark” and “Add to favorites” buttons were created? Your goal is to be added to as many bookmarks as possible. So go ahead and put in the hard work now and you will definitely reap the financial rewards later.